Mad Max P&P RPG: Dice and Stats

As much as I love my big bag of a dice, I think I’d prefer this game to use fewer dice and less types. D6s are by far the easiest dice to get a hold of, so my inclination is to base the rolls around those. If there are fewer dice on the table, it […]

Mad Max P&P RPG: Factions – Gangs

Again, I don’t want to limit the GM by being too specific in the faction descriptions. Here are some starting points for gang factions. I’m going to write this all in the presen tense, just for coherency. War Boys The largest of the organized gangs are the War Boys. Immortan Joe rules those in the […]

Mad Max P&P RPG: Apocalypse World

A couple of weeks ago I played a one-shot Apocalypse World game set in the Mad Max universe. Our GM is a big fan of Fury Road – awesome – and the plot and characters were from that movie. It was my first time playing Apocalypse World. There was something of a learning curve, but all games have that, […]

Mad Max P&P RPG: Modifiers

So I may be starting another DnD game, and working through character stats got me thinking about how to have players’ stats affect roll outcomes in this game. In DnD, a character has points within a stat and once they hit a threshold, they get a modifying point which they then add onto their rolls. This […]

Mad Max P&P RPG: Factions – Vuvalini

As always, this is a rough draft! Although now a nomadic tribe, the Vuvalini were once an established colony who farmed around a desert oasis. This “Green Place” eventually succumbed to spreading pollution, and a series of raids left the community weakened. Break down into 3(?) time periods: Pre-pollution/upheaval Nomadic tribe Post-Revolution